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Welcome to ITOCHU Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Homepage !

Although ITOCHU Construction Machinery has been established as a dedicated Construction Machinery trading company of the ITOCHU group since 1969 and the 45th anniversary is celebrated this year (2014), the function for which a construction machinery specialized trading company is required in the meantime has changed greatly with the background of a time.

Although it has not changed that sale of construction machinery and construction  materials such as the scaffoldings, etc. is a core of our dealings, we cultivate the market with the importation of manufactured goods from overseas, the introduction of the new building methods in importing overseas products, the new technology introduction and while those are substantial in new measure and function to fill a demand of markets, such as rental business of mountain tunneling machines related to the NATM, city civil engineering machines related to the shield machine and environmental associated equipment and domestic market exploitation through importation of encouraged  goods from overseas, and development of specialized civil engineering machinery, those customer's various needs are satisfied at our such contribution as a sole dedicated construction machinery trading company among Japanese general trading companies.

In the rental business of the high-pressure filter press (PFP) which has been entered completely into the Japanese market since the fiscal year of 2009, it is self-confident as that it contributed to drying and reducing of the dredged soil in the ports of TAGONOURA, MINAMATA and the offing of new MOJI, etc.

Moreover, by the Continuance Soil Modification System (COSMOS method) which has been tackled since the fiscal year of 2012, about 400,000 tons of soil property improvement relevant to restoration and revival from the Great Disaster of East Japan Earthquake in IWATE Prefecture could be contracted, and we consider if it has contributed to restoration and revival of East Japan not a little.

Now, about our mission, vision and value of the company which is a basic concept of corporate management, we have clarified as follows since 2009;

  • Mission : to provide most useful goods and services to the customer in the construction machinery industry
  • Vision : to become No. 1 trading company in the construction machinery industry
  • Value : “Purity, Honesty, Beauty” with “Pleasant”

Under this mission, the measure fields of present company are caught greatly as follows ;

  1. Direct Sales and Rentals of Construction Machinery to the General Contractors
  2. Sales of Construction Machinery and Construction Materials to the Rental Companies for Construction Machinery, Construction Materials such as scaffoldings and Mobile Cranes
  3. Exportation and Importation of Construction Machinery and Equipment/Material related
  4. Design and Rental of dredged soil treatment plants (High-Pressure Filter Press) and such Soil Property Improvement Work Contract in Environmental Engineering Field
  5. Sale and Rental of ECO2 Shield Machine which is carried out proprietary in City Civil Engineering Field
  6. Procurement and Supply of Construction Machinery for overseas projects

In each measure field, we are also carrying out several correspondences of the installment dealings, lease transactions and rental dealings, etc. according to the customer’s needs.

On the other hand, needless to say, there is nothing except compliance observance, internal control strengthening and CSR, and we are tackling positively to continuous development of a company.

However, in order to maintain the way our company should be in such compliance observance and CSR, every employee in the company needs to recognize this importance enough and needs to hit everyday business.

It has hung up "it is Purity, Honesty, Beauty" as the Value (sense of values) which all the employees should share in that sense, and has regarded it as controlling one's speech and conduct based on this value.

"The strong point which exists in a big frame so called the ITOCHU group is also harnessed, while obtaining the reliance from the customers and the manufacturers in management based on the basic concept of Mission, Vision and Value, and our company contributes to society through the construction machinery industry."

This thinks that it is an ultimate mission of our company and is what leads to the improvement in a corporate value of our company again.

Since we try hard that we should become a whole company body and should attain this ultimate mission succeedingly, please give us still much more patronage and support.

President & CEO Shigeki Yokoyama