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Corporate Information

ITOCHU TC Construction Machinery (the predecessor ITOCHU Construction Machinery Sales) has established in 1969, and last year (2019) marks the 50th anniversary.

In July 2019, we welcomed Tokyo Century as a new shareholder and started our activities as a brand-new ITOCHU TC Construction Machinery.

Our main activities include sales of construction machinery and temporary construction equipment, imports of overseas products, introduction of new construction methods, sales and rental of mountain tunneling machinery, shield machinery, and environmental-related equipment, in addition to this, we would like to work on new initiatives and expand our functions by taking advantage of the know-how of Tokyo Century, which has a leading edge in EC business that introduced IT/IoT technology.

As a result of our activities, we achieved the dehydration and volume reduction of large-scale dredgers such as TAGONOURA Port, Shizuoka Prefecture by using high-pressure filter press (PFP).
With the Continuous Soil Modification System (COSMOS method), we were also involved in soil improvement work at OFUNATO in Iwate Prefecture, and were able to contribute to the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Project.

Moreover, we will strengthen our efforts to deliver large scale railway cranes made in Germany to the JR Group, to construct Tokyo Olympics related project, to construct the Chuo Linear Shinkansen, and to implement the Basic Plan for National Resilience.

As a new initiative, we invested in SORABITO, which operates an online marketplace for used construction machinery, thereby contributing to the maximization of the lifetime value of construction machinery.

Our mission, vision, and values in corporate management are as follows.

  • Mission:to provide most useful goods and services to the customer in the construction machinery industry
  • Vision : to become No.1 trading company in the construction machinery industry
  • Value : “Clean, Honesty, Beauty” with “Pleasant”
  •    1) In a forward-looking, everyone-taking leadership

       2) Accelerate actions, create new ideas, and increase profitability

Under this mission, the measure fields of present company are caught greatly as follows ;

  1. Direct Sales and Rentals of Construction Machinery to the General Contractors
  2. Sales of Construction Machinery and Construction Materials to the Rental Companies for Construction Machinery, Construction Materials such as scaffoldings and Mobile Cranes
  3. Exportation and Importation of Construction Machinery and Equipment/Material related
  4. Design and Rental of dredged soil treatment plants (High-Pressure Filter Press) and such Soil Property Improvement Work Contract in Environmental Engineering Field
  5. Sale and Rental of ECO2 Shield Machine which is carried out proprietary of City Civil Engineering Field
  6. Procurement and Supply of Construction Machinery for overseas projects

In addition, we will focus on compliance, strengthening internal controls, and promoting CSR for the sustainable development of the company.

As a member of the ITOCHU Group and the Tokyo Century Group, we will be putting our efforts to contribute to the society through construction machinery.

We appreciate your continued patronage and support.

President and CEO
Nobuhiko Narisawa