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Asphalt Plant

"BonD series" which is the compilation of mechatronics

The Nikko asphalt plant has carried out big activity for the highway to the beginning as a bearer of all road traffic network maintenance.
In the meantime, a customer's voice was made to reflect in a product, and improvement has been repeated aiming at the plant which is easy to use.
And now, the computer which is in the van new era was adopted and "BonD series" was completed as a compilation of making a plant.


"Factory BonD"

"Factory BonD" which united with local environment and was developed by the safe and clean concept is the plant which hammered out the formation of a space-saving, energy-saving, and 24-hour share-ization on the whole surface taking advantage of the advanced technology of Nikko and which can perform economical material production always.
It is the new figure of an asphalt plant suitable for the changing needs of a time.

BonD Series